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imagination made manifest
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a place built to house the weird and powerful artefacts that exist at the non-dimensional point where imagination and realisation intersect.

in a time where ancient biology is fusing with digital technology, we find vibrations summoned from the realm of thought by the deepest of dreamers.

welcome to the imagination made manifest...


this is the outlet for all the creative exploits of the team here at arkhive music.

there's wearable art, listenable art, and deconstructed art!


it's just the coalescence and arkhive t-shirts at the moment, but there're plenty more designs to come.

i'm pretty stoked with how these babies turned out, and I reckon you will be too!
i'm so confident, in fact, that if you're not lovin' your new threads within 30 days from when they arrive, you can send them back and i'll refund the whole amount. including the postage both ways!

ps. registered post is FREE, but express post will cost ya!


arkhive music invites you to take a journey inward. a journey told by some of the most skilled sonic sorcerers ever to set foot on the strange surface of the psyche.
each track has been selected for the quality of being equally moving to both the spirit and the dance-floor. honest and organic and psychedelic.

available via bandcamp, beatport, itunes, juno, soundcloud, spotify, pandora and damn-near anywhere good music is hosted!

remix packs

remix packs from some of the slytrance classics. more tracks to follow as I process them. hopefully some from the rest of the arkhive releases too.

hit us up if there's a specific track you'd like us to throw out there first.

and sooner or later, i'll get around to chucking up some sample packs (and presets too)for the sounds you hear in the tracks.

you're free to use them in whatever projects you like, but please get in touch if you plan on releasing anything; it'll take a little copyright manoeuvring.


check out the latest thoughts bursting out of the arkhive.

this blog covers everything from music production and the festival scene, to environmental conservation and politics.
plus we'll be announcing music releases and discussing the nuts-and-bolts of coalescence.

it's gonna get a little ranty, but we'll try to keep it factual and rational, and back it up with as much sourcing as we can.

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