for real this time

i'm rebooting this blog and this time i'm actually going to be providing content. but first, a little about myself.
I'm will arkhive and i am:

as a university student, I don't have heaps of spare time to maintain this site, but i'm going to set aside a few hours each fortnight to create articles on interesting topics. once exams are over i'll have more time to contribute meaningful pieces and upload useful stuff to the shop, but for now i'm going to settle for a statement of intent:

every 2 weeks, I will post a new blog piece on something interesting related to our work here at arkhive music. could be something about reforestation and carbon capture; might be a tutorial on something I've used in slytrance music; perhaps a breakdown of an eco-measure at coalescence; or a rant about pseudoscience, animal agriculture, or the folly of neoliberalism.
either way, it'll be worth a read ;)

I guess i'm using this blog to spread information that I think is obscure but definitely worth knowing. hopefully i can use it to research and learn some new things too.

I think the first thing i'm going to address is eating meat. don't worry, this isn't going to be some militant vegan guilt trip. there's science and ethics and culture and all sorts of things to consider. and feel free to leave comments below. i'll try to respond to everything and take on board any suggestions/advice/edits/updates/grammar-nazism.

big love, you mob.