a quick plug for t-shirts

nothing too huge to announce at the moment. work is underway for coalescence festival: we've dropped our first round line-up and we have under a week left for musician applications before we'll be wrapping it up. so if you wanna chuck your hat into the ring, pleeeeeease get onto it asap! i'm looking at you, girls!

other than that, I've finally brought some fresh designs to arkhive apparel!
we've brought some arkhive and slytrance designs along to keep our coalescence shirts company. check it out the new threads...

they're all organic and printed using the most environmentally friendly inks we can find.
we're so proud of them that we're offering a full refund (including postage!) if you're not satisfied with your purchase. totally risk free? might as well ;)

and just a little reminder to all the electronic music producers out there: we also have slytrance remix packs available for only $1! take the sounds, rearrange and manipulate, slice and stretch, trash and mangle, and piece together your very own slytrance remix. then send it back to us for a listen! who knows? we might even release it on the next arkhive music compilation!

there are only 3 tracks up there so far, but we're on our artists backs about breaking the other arkhive tracks down so we can provide more remix packs in the future. so if that interests you, sign up to the mailing list so you can find out about the newness as it drops.